Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bushcraft Courses

From ancient days to till date i.e., modern days the physical structure of man does not possess much change but his mind structure and the ways he thinks which ultimately changes the whole setup of the world has found a tremendous change. Even after getting everything to lead sophisticated life, we are still not able to lead a tension-free life style and hence people are so excited to experience our ancestor lifestyle. But straight away we cannot not adapt ourselves to the wildlife moreover as we are not fully aware of the same. But it is not a big issue anymore as we can get the whole details about it from bushcraft courses. First let me brief you what does Bushcraft mean. It can be stated as a range of skills, practices, ethics and even a way of thinking to survive and flourish in the natural environment. It includes Wood craft, Making Bow, Fire craft, Shelter Building, Tracking, Hunting, Woodland Management, Friction Fire Lighting, Wood craft, Knife Making, Bow Making and the list goes on. People feel that that learning traditional techniques and skills like this to live within the natural-world gives them a sense of self-achievement and self-reliance. 

The bushcraft courses starts with introduction to rough-country travel and wilderness survival and then covers the entire skills from camp crafts, knife-handling to star-craft navigation and water harvesting. They also provide bush craft equipments for learning and practice. The equipments are manufactured in a perfect way with which we can easily get our needs for our wild life experience. In ancient days, axe has its unique hypnotic feature and respect which attracts everyone. But now no one knows how to handle it. That is why Ray Mears have manufactured gransfors axe which has the magic quality of weight and length that can be felt only while using. It has the right weight balanced with the right length of handle made up of high standard steel. One good thing about it is there’s no need to sharpen them frequently and also fit the head very well to the helve.

The activities coming under bushcraft courses are not so safe. People are exposed to lot of vulnerabilities during the course and hence first aid courses are mandatory. In the midway if someone met with an accident we can’t wait for someone to help. The courses focus on teaching how to deal with the variety of risks that the natural environment brings with it.